The O2X App

  • Set goals.
  • Build Routines.
  • Get 1% better every day.
  • Set goals. Build Routines.
  • Get 1% better every day.

Our Focus


Proper nutrition for fueling physical health and cognitive performance.


Goal-based physical training programs designed to reduce injury risk and improve conditioning.


A systematic approach to increasing recovery, building resilience, managing stress, and optimizing mental health.

In the military, the X represents a target; one that is best hit by optimizing our forces. Our name is a direct reflection of our mission, to help you reach your target and “Optimize to the X” by getting 1% better every day.

So, what’s your 1%?

Build Strong Habits

Rooted in the O2X EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology, the app encourages users to make healthy choices daily with dietary tracking, custom workout programming, and goal-driven mental performance plans. Additionally, we offer quick tools and exercises that users can tap into for breathing, relaxation, a quick workout, help sleeping, or a healthy recipe